Луни (purple_files) wrote,

Bernie Taupin - the one, who doesn't ONLY write the words for Elton John

Наконец, наконец появился хороший сайт по Берни. И там даже есть его стихи - которые не lyrics. Вот одно чудесное, я правда не знаю половины имен, которые он перечисляет, но в целом... Общий смысл понятен ;)


America is not
John Wayne, Bob Hope
And Ronald Reagan.
America is
Aaron Copeland, Willie Dixon
And Sam Shepard.

America is not J.R.
D.C. comics and Monroe blondes.
America is J.F.K.
Stephen Vincent Benet
And Maybelle Carter's songs.

Americans do not talk
Like Philip Marlowe, Jimmy Cagney
And Elvis Presley.
Americans talk like
Paul Robeson, Merle Haggard
And Gene Tunney.

America is not
Disneyland, Las Vegas
Or Hollywood and Vine.
America is
Kentucky blue grass, the haunted teepe
And the last red barn.

America is not
Handsome policeman, picket fences
And Tom Sawyer summer days.
America is drunken indians,
Urban gangs, The White Knights
And the K.K.K.

America is not a
Pink Miami, Hot Dog buildings
And long black limousines.
America is a
Red John Deere on an auction block,
A baseball bat
And New Orleans.

America is not just the
Manhattan skyline,
Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone.
America is a hellbent highway,
Fishing holes and mobile homes.

America is not
A 3D Jesus at The Alamo,
Gee Whiz kids chewing gum.
America is
Steel towns, red neck mothers,
Cattle and guns.

Americas doors are not closed.
America is not a candy land.
America is only shot through gauze by salesmen.
America is a big heart in the western hemisphere
It beats and it hurts sometime.
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