Луни (purple_files) wrote,

Фрагмент интервью с Дэвидом Тьюлисом...

David: I nearly played Quirrell in the first film and a friend of mine, Ian Hart played it in the end, and that is how I came to do it, because I was working with Ian, and he saw the script laying around. He said “are you doing Harry Potter?” And I said, “I dunno, I am doing Lulu or Lupus or whatever you call it”. And he said “You’re playing Lupin, he’s the best part” So that is why I did it really
Rove: So tell me about Professor Lupin’s role in the film, because it’s quite substantial. It’s a great role to get.
David: It is. I mean people probably know it better than me if you have read the books. I mean, I had not read the third book, by the time I came to do it. But he’s basically the new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher…that’s Arts, not arse. (laughter) Defence against the Dark Arse…I feel a sequel coming on(laughter). Yeah he’s a kind of very kindly, very nurturing teacher with a little dark secret that I am supposed not to mention, but its one of the best selling books in the world, so I turn into a werewolf.
Rove: because I was going to say, and I might as well give it away, but you have an action figure here.. (brings out Lupin/werewolf transformer toy) So what it actually does is transforms...
David: I am a transformer
Rove: Can you change him to the human you.
David: Well I am not actually used to doing it this way around. I should explain that I grew up in a town called Blackpool in England in a toyshop, and I have become a toy, and it’s fantastic. Used to sell Lego, and I have also become Lego.
Rove: The one thing I do want to ask you before we finish up. Daniel Radcliffe was interviewed recently, and he said he believed that Harry’s outcome will be that he will die. What do you think is going to happen to Harry?
David: Did he?
Rove: Yes, he said it’s only inevitable
David: I think that would be really rotten of JK Rowling to do that, after all these films, after all these books. I mean there is going to be seven books. Is that what he thinks is going to happen?
Rove: Well I assume so
David: Well I am afraid that I am going to die, because I have just put a down payment on a house.
Rove: He may return
David: Well he reappears in book five, and I met JK Rowling the other night for the first time, and I was very nice to her and bought her a drink
Rove: That Lupine’s a great character! He’d be a great hero!
David: yes it is one of my favourite characters, so I hope she doesn’t kill me like she killed someone else recently.
Rove: well the film is out Thursday. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Please thanks David Thewlis.
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