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Я угадаю эту певицу с одной ноты...

Показательный номер Шизуки Аракава - "If I Had My Way" - слушаю-слушаю, тащусь от текста песни - и думаю, знакомый голос - не Линда ли это Эдер? Она, родимая... Что называется, давно не слушала... :))

If I Had My Way (текст Nan Knighton, между прочим! :))
Long ago and far away
Before the world had come to this
I took for granted how my life would be
Assuming that my freedom would be free
Before these evening shadows fell
I reveled in the light of day
I rarely ever cried, my patience wasn't tried
And heroes never died

But if I had my way
Things would be different
Danger wouldn't come from a sky of blue
Choices would be clear
And Strangers would be kinder
Love a little blinder
As it saved the day
If I had my way

Every now and then it seems
We live our lives to such extremes
Racing all around, never homeward bound
Losing what we've found

But if I had my way
Things would be different
No one would believe that a lie was true
Choices would be clear
And wisdom would be heeded
Warnings never needed
This is what Id pray
If I had my way

The milk of human kindness
Would seek us out and find us
and color all the words we say

And hearts would come alive
Instead of breaking
No one would believe
That a lie was true
Angels would appear
Children would be cherished
Hope would never parish
Faith would not betray
If I had my way
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